Adios 2017…

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What an incredible year 2017 has been! I can’t quite believe it’s over.

Personally I had a few life changing events crammed into one very busy year; I married a pretty awesome guy and we bought our first house together. A project that is going to be years in the making (or completing) but we are loving building our home together, despite all the dust. The damn thing just gets everywhere!

Professionally this year I have seen my business grow and clients coming back to me for repeat bookings, which is the best feeling in the world! Having your own business is like constantly having your heart on your sleeve, my work is an extension of me and I take such pride in what I do. It’s a genuine honour not only when someone likes your work but when someone likes you as a person also and wants to have you around.

Running a business isn’t a one woman band, I am so lucky to have the most incredible support network around me and 2017 has been a great example; a husband who is my personal marketing team, who celebrates with me in my success and puts me back together when I have a down day. Parents who outwardly show their pride and are always asking how things are going, at the age of 33 there are still some things that only your parents can answer. My girl tribe who are just everything to me, they literally are the best. They travel to celebrate in my achievements and will always have me and my work on their mind. And finally my clients, who are just awesome. Thank you for inviting me into your homes, collaborating with me to grow your business and having me there to document the events in your life that matter to you. I’ve enjoyed every second of it and feel so lucky to do what I do.

Wishing you all a fun filled 2018! I hope it brings you a year of laughter, love and adventure…Cx

(Photo: Guy Collier)


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