‘The Africa Edit’: My debut collection.

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My debut collection-quite a strange thing to say really. I captured these images whilst on honeymoon in Tanzania. We travelled from Lake Manyara, through the Ngorangora Crater and finished in the Serengeti National Park. Three extremely varying landscapes, all with their own unique backdrops and all in my view equally as beautiful.

The idea of this collection is that I wanted to portray animals in the wild in a different way. I want you as the viewer of the image to be able to recognise what the animal is and its surroundings but in a completely paired back and stripped-down way. I wanted the focus to be on shapes and textures rather than colour. Not all pieces in the collection are black and white and where I have included colour it is desaturated and more of a supporting feature to the image rather than the main focal point.

On the safari itself we were incredibly fortunate to see a wide variety of animals, some of which were incredibly close. However, as we were in the wild I had to quickly get used to not being able to control my environment. I found myself frustrated at times by bits of grass that obstructed a lion cubs face, or when animals sat down and they were facing away from you. 95% of the time it was a waiting game and we had to be patient. Thankfully I have a husband who not only has the patience of a saint but also knows how important it is to me to capture the right image. He would be helping to instruct our guide on where to stop so that I could get the perfect angle. As well as composition and light settings to consider I also had to be aware of what was going on outside of my frame as well as inside it. Our guide was able to help me anticipate potential moves and behaviours of the animals, but they are like children in that there is no telling what they’re about to do! Take for example the lioness who disappeared out of our sight in an instant and we were completely confused as to where she had gone, only then to look down and there she was sat by the wheel of our jeep! If I had put my hand out of the window I would have been able to stoke her head.

There were also times that I put my camera down and just watched what was happening in front of me. I will confess that these were towards the end of our time and when I knew I already had some good shots of said animal. To watch animals interacting in the wild and how they moved across the land is mesmerising. An image will never be able to able to portray the cute noises that the lion cubs made when the elders in their pride approached. For me to just stand and watch some of the amazing moments that we did was a proper ‘pinch me’ moment.

On a personal level, what I love more than anything about this collection is that this was not only my first holiday with my husband, but also a trip that we had spoken about taking from the infancy of our relationship. With each image I can put myself back into the surrounds of where we were and remember the excitement that we both felt as we watched these amazing creatures.

For that reason, I dedicate ‘The Africa Edit’ to my husband Ewan. For always being patient when waiting for me to take a photograph, for picking me up when I’m having bad day in ‘the office’, for being my own personal PR and marketing team wherever you are, for being my second set of eyes and for your unconditional support in allowing me to fulfil my dream. I wouldn’t be doing this without you xxx

These images are now available to purchase, to view the collection please click here.

*feature image by Ewan Wakefield*


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