5 simple reasons why you should get a professional headshot…

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People like people!

When it comes to business people want to know who it is they are dealing with. It helps them build a level of trust to know who it is behind the website, at the end of the phone or on the marketing materials. They want to feel a connection to the business/ you and a professional headshot is a very easy way to do just that. Images on your website also help increase your dwell time encouraging potential customers/agents to buy into your brand.

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You’ve changed…

I’m afraid it happens to all of us. Over time you change. Whether that be a new hair cut, you’ve started wearing glasses, you’ve got a few more grey hairs or your body shape has changed-people don’t like to be surprised if the image doesn’t now represent the person. This is especially true if you are a professional actor. You want casting agents to understand what you look like now and if roles are appropriate for you rather than wasting their time and yours.


You’re professional.

Whether you have a job or not, a professional head shot shows the world that you take yourself seriously and you mean business. A first impression is an important one. Nowadays so many people are able to take a snap shot or two on their smart phone but by having a professional head shot done it shows that you’re not willing to settle for less. A bad head shot can instantly send out the wrong message and quickly put people off.

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You might get asked for one.

Simple but true. This doesn’t just apply to actors anymore either. More and more businesses want to know who it is applying for their vacancies ahead of the interview process and a professional head shot can set the tone as much as your CV.

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And finally…it’s a good investment.

Paying for professional headshots may at first feel a bit of a sting but when you break down where you’re going to use them e.g. casting cards, website, marketing materials etc along with the other reasons above then it doesn’t seem quite so bad! Clairelize Photography head shots start from £120 (March 2018 pricing) so can work out as a great investment for you professionally and personally.

Please get in contact at for more information about how I can help you or your business. I use only natural light and natural environments, there’s no flashes and white screens here!

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