Claire Wakefield Wedding photographer

Hi! I’m Claire.

Let me firstly start by saying a huge ‘Thank You’ for taking the time to browse my website, and secondly wanting to know a bit about me.


Originally from Leicestershire, I now live in South West London with my husband and our little boy who are the absolute loves of my life. I have always loved photography and in 2016 I decided to jack in the day job and try my hand as a full-time photographer (so far so good!). I apply the passion and love that I have always had for photography into every wedding that I do and think I have the best job on the planet (I am a massive romantic at heart!!). I love meeting new couples and finding out about them and what makes them tick, my energy really feeds off this rapport that we build. I take my work seriously, but I don’t take myself seriously and I hope that this relaxed and laid-back approach comes across in my work.

I pride myself on being honest, reliable and trustworthy amongst many things and hope this comes across in my brand, it’s like a second child to me and I give try and give it just as much love! Thankfully with slightly less projectile weetabix delivered my way in return…

So who and what makes me tick when I’m not doing the wedding photography thing…?

My husband-the most supportive and patient man on the planet without whom I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing. My son-everyday this small person surprises me and brings me so much joy (and at times dismay!) and I’m still not completely sure how I co-created him?! He is actually amazing.

Travel-which I spent most of my pre child days doing a lot of. I was extremely fortunate to travel for 7 months through South America, Australasia and South East Asia which to this day is one of the best things I’ve ever done. Favourite countries included Peru, Argentina and Laos.  I’m at my happiest living out of a backpack/ suitcase but can confirm since having our little boy ‘packing light’ is just a myth.

Music-put me in a field in the middle of a festival and I am happy! There is something about live music which just cannot be replicated. I can’t say I love one specific genre of music but I do love a guitar.

Rightmove-maybe you weren’t expecting that one?! We still haven’t completed our first house renovation and yet I lose what must be hours of my life on Rightmove fantasising about houses that I cannot afford in locations I’ll never want to move to. Is that just me!?

Friends-cheesy but true. I have some of the best friends anyone could wish for. Friends I’ve had since I was 11 and friends I’ve made since having my little boy, all of which have got me through something, whether that’s a crisis or a bottle of wine.

Cheese and wine, together or separately. I don’t care. Give me either and I’ll never leave you.

Also have a Rightmove obsession or love of cheese? Say hi. Also feel free to ask me about what I do and any questions you might have about your day.