The art of the every day in Raynes Park…

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My style of portrait photography is lifestyle photography, which simply means that I aim to capture you or your business in an artist manner portraying the art of the everyday. This could be at your home, a park, a special event or something a little bit different depending on your personal preference. Sometimes customers think that you need to go to a studio with lighting and props to create professional looking imagery, which is some people’s preference looks wise and completely to their taste. But lifestyle photography for me professionally is less restricting and from previous chats with clients makes is easier for them, after all I do all of the leg work and it allows them to be completely relaxed. For me the images that I capture should portray you or your business in an environment that fits. So recently I’ve been looking a lot closer to home and asking ‘why look past your own neighbourhood?’.

We moved to Raynes Park at the end of 2017 and have completely fallen in love with it; from the ever-developing high street with its unique shops, the local community and village feel to the open spaces such as Cannon Hill Common, Bushey Mead, Cannizaro House and Wimbledon Common. And that’s not including places such as Painshill Park which are only a short drive away. For us and our family it is perfect. You would never believe that you were less than half an hour from London Waterloo station!

I have been lucky enough to be involved with local businesses and charities and the support that I have received as a new resident and business owner has blown me away. Whether this has been working with businesses in helping them develop their brand imagery or other local businesses allowing me to use their facilities for photoshoots; Raynes Park is an open, supportive and caring community. Because of this we also now do our best to shop locally and support smaller businesses, like myself, to help the area thrive even more.

If you’re a Raynes Park resident or business and are interested in chatting through your photography needs-please get in touch. Let’s go for coffee, say hello and chat! There is absolutely no obligation to book with me, and if anything, it would be nice to meet a few more local faces.

For now, have a fantastic day

CE x


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