Gaelle and Michael…and Jill and Ted at Morden Hall…

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“Thursday 22nd August, put it in your diary!” shouted the groom out of the car window. And that ladies and gentlemen is how I was hired for this one of a kind wedding. Now I should go on to say that I do in fact know the groom personally, he is a neighbour and I have worked with both him and his lovely other half numerous times before for personal and professional projects.  What I should also say is at that I didn’t actually know I was being hired to take photographs for a wedding. They said it was a secret project that no one else knew about.


Ok. So the date was in my diary. I knew I was working but had only been booked for 90 minutes. The questions were answered when the groom, Michael, came around. He explained that himself and Gaelle were indeed getting married but that no one else knew about it, other than two of their friends who were being their witnesses. Who were also getting married. On the same day. Immediately after them. And they were going to be their witnesses. And I was being booked to take photographs for them too. Are you following? I’m not going to lie, never before had I been booked for a double wedding let alone a secret double wedding.


The Brides and Grooms had chosen Merton Registry Office. As with all of my weddings where possible, if I haven’t worked there before I will do a recce beforehand and introduce myself. The building itself is beautiful but the full praise has to be saved for the grounds in which it is sat. Absolutely stunning and all on the edge of Merton Park.


The day itself was English summer time at its best. When the two couples and their four children, between them, arrived the sun shone down on them. Having only been told that morning that they were actually attending a wedding and not a family lunch everyone was in great spirits. It was the most intimate wedding I had photographed yet and a real privilege to be invited along to. The services were simple yet heartfelt and when both couples had signed the register (twice!) we headed outside for some group shots before they all headed off for a celebratory lunch together.


Just before they left, Michael, Gaelle, Ted and Jill told me that this day had been 7 years in the making. 7. Years. I love that I get to witness such special and monumental moments in peoples lives. You can’t help but go home with a smile on your face.


To the happy couple(s) many many congratulations x


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