Why hiring a professional wedding photographer is so important…

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All too often now I hear someone declare that you don’t need a wedding photographer as everyone has smart phones now, which is very true. But in my mind, there are a few key reasons to hire a professional to be there with you on the day:

It allows your guests to be guests…

The reality is your guests want to be guests. They want to sip champagne at your expense and catch up with their friends, they don’t want to be keeping an eye on what the sun is doing and at what point is the right time to go and capture a few images. I have been a guest at a wedding previously whilst also doing some photography and I felt like I couldn’t enjoy the day quite as much as I always wanted to ensure that I was getting the best images for them. There is no guaranteeing that your guests are going to be stood in the right place whilst you share your first kiss as a married couple. Neither might they know that when asked if anyone knows of a reason that you can’t marry this usually causes a few nervous smiles and more often than not laughter. Hiring a person whose sole focus is to capture these moments for you and has experience in doing so is just one less thing to worry about on the day. And let’s face it, I’ve been a bride, there is enough going on!

Marylebone old town hall London registry office wedding photography

It’s another person on your team…

When you hire a photographer, if you hire the right one, you’re getting far more than just a photographer on the day. You’re hiring a toddler soother, a mother calmer downer, a time keeper, someone to hand you a plaster when those shoes that you just had to have start rubbing or a mother figure to ensure that the groom and ushers get to the where they should be on time rather than having ‘one last drink’. The list is endless because no one’s day is the same. It’s always a sign of a good day when I say goodbye to the couple and then go out of my way to say goodbye to other family members and friends. Through the nature of the day I always get talking to other guests because we’re all there for one reason; to celebrate with you.

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All the gear, no idea…

A fancy camera doesn’t mean you are a photographer. Understanding lighting, composition, timing and positioning to name a few things are all crucial when constructing the perfect image. These aren’t things that the camera knows how to do, this is me. The person behind the camera. A camera can automatically read light, but it’s about ensuring that you’re directing the camera to pick up on the right light to create that perfect silhouette at golden hour that you want to print and share with all of your friends.

Marylebone old town hall London registry office wedding photography

Printing images afterwards…

Now don’t get me wrong, technology has come a hell of a long way. But even the best smart phones have their printing limitations. When shooting I use high resolution files ensuring that when it comes to printing out large scale images or photobooks your images are crisp and clean without a pixilation square in sight.

Chinese wedding at Chelsea Old Town Hall London outdoor

There are photographers who offer smaller packages…

I work a lot with shorter more intimate weddings and offer by the hour photography. Not everyone wants images from the bridal prep to the first dance which is the traditional. Some couples just want the key moments captured for them to look back on, which is totally fine and as I’ve said before every wedding is different. The key is to work out what is best for you and your budget.

Marylebone old town hall London registry office wedding photography

Memories, memories, memories…

One of the main reasons I am a photographer is because I love capturing memories, and your wedding day is a day like no other. You are in such a bubble on the day and don’t always remember all of the details, or aren’t there to see everything that is going on. You might be chatting to a friend whilst two family members who have never met share a moment, or to see that moment when your nephew decided to momentarily ‘look after’ your bouquet for you (yes this was captured on my wedding day!) and personally for me even now it is such a joy to look through our wedding day photos even more and reminisce about the incredible day that we had.

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Getting married in 2019 (congratulations!!)? I have limited weekends available from June 2019 onwards if I can be of any help to you on your special day. Please get in touch and I would be happy to chat through any queries with you and provide a quote.



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