Julia and Steve at Leatherhead Registry Office…

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I first met Julia and Steve in person over a coffee in Raynes Park and straight from the off I knew we were going to get on. They were both super relaxed, easy to chat to and so down to earth. You can always tell a good conversation when the initial chat starts about the wedding and then you find yourself on a subject that you’re not entirely sure how you got on to it.

On their day Julia arrived accompanied by her son and three daughters and looked an absolute knock out. I mean, wow! Rain or no rain she looked amazing and I couldn’t wait to see Steve’s face. We had discussed at our initial meeting how emotions might be quite high on the day so we had arranged to do a ‘first glance’ whereby myself, Julia and Steve were in a room just the three of us and the bride and groom would see each other for the first time. First of all, a massive thank you to the fantastic staff at Leatherhead Registry Office who couldn’t do enough to help facilitate this. Even before the wedding when I went on a recce to see the venue, they were so welcoming, showing me around and telling me about how they ran their days there. Secondly, it’s moments like that in my job where I want to pinch myself. Here I was so privileged to witness this really personal moment between a bride and groom that even their closest family wouldn’t get to see. As I suspected, Steve’s face was a picture (quite literally) and quite rightly he looked like the cat that had got the cream.

The ceremony was full of so much love and laughter, as you can see in the photos. It shines out of them. When they had been declared Mr and Mrs, myself, Julia and Steve went ahead of the guests to get a few photographs of just the two of them as they walked down into the grounds and had those first few moments of being newlyweds. Then we were able to capture all of the congratulations hugs and kisses that came thick and fast from their fantastic family and friends. We managed to get some candid couples’ photos and relaxed group shots before we were forced to cut things a little short due to an unscheduled downpour, and as Julia and Steve were the last wedding of the day we couldn’t even retreat inside.

Thank you so much to the fantastic Julia and Steve for having me there along side you. It was my absolute pleasure.



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