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I want people to understand me and my work in a simple a way as possible. Whilst mulling this over when I was rebranding, and trying hard not to sound like a pretentious ad campaign, I came up with three words which I thought best described my brand and what I do:


I love my job. I think I have one of the best jobs on the planet. With this love comes a genuine passion and care for how I work with my couples. From our initial contact I want to get to know you as a couple so that when it comes to the wedding day itself, we already know a bit about each other. I have an open email/call policy before a wedding, anything you want to tell me about your day, big or small, I’m all ears. I remember my own wedding day so clearly, and with all of the emotions (good and bad!) that come with it. I get ridiculously invested in my work, so chances are you will probably see me shedding a tear on the day or having a little chat with your Nan.

I want you to feel relaxed with me so that when we meet/re-meet on the day itself it’s not like an awkward first date and we’re straight into the flow of things. Then here’s the really beautiful thing…this will show in your photographs. They will be full of all of the heartfelt emotions of your day with all of the faces of the people that are there to share it with you. It doesn’t matter how many faces there are either, I’ve photographed weddings with three guests and weddings with 100+ guests, what does matter is that they’re there with you having an awesome time.

Chinese wedding at Chelsea Old Town Hall registry office London natural outdoor

Mile end arts pavilion, wedding photography,



You will not hear me say ‘cheese’. Fact. Nor will you ever hear me barking at your guests to get into a photo. I will help if I think something looks a little off balance, or I might move you into better light but I will never tell you how to act with your new bride or groom. Kiss, cuddle, laugh, run…whatever you’re feeling in the moment, I’ll be right there to capture it. Behaving like ‘you’ is the absolute best way to get natural photographs on your day. Yes you might want a few group shots and that’s totally fine, but if you want to spend an hour with a conveyor belt style photoshoot I’m probably not the person for you speaking honestly.

I will capture the obvious moments like you sharing a kiss with your new husband or wife, or the exchanging of rings, but I will also capture the in between moments. The ordinary interactions between old friends catching up, the congratulations hugs that come thick and fast after the ceremony, or even the mother of the groom taking a sneaky shot from the best man’s hipflask (yes this has happened!). These are the moments that are for me sometimes pure gold. I will act like a guest. I will get up close and personal when I think the timing is right and get into the action when I need to. But I absolutely will not disrupt the flow of your day. Because we will have chatted through the timings of your day beforehand, I’ll have an understanding of when you might want to go and have a few couples’ shots (if you want them) and when you want to be left to enjoy time with your guests. I’m easy. It’s your day.

country and barn wedding photography, huntsmill farm wedding photography, huntsmill farm wedding

Mile end arts pavilion, wedding photography,


I want your images to stand the test of time. That on your 1st, 10th and 50th wedding anniversary, when you look back at them they represent you on your day as it was. I want you to recognise you as well. I absolutely will not airbrush any images; I may alter some of the lighting levels, crop a few images and give you some options in black and white but my editing is minimal.

Chinese wedding at Chelsea Old Town Hall registry office London natural outdoor

country and barn wedding photography, huntsmill farm wedding photography, huntsmill farm wedding


So there you have it, me and my work. Sound good? Let’s chat…


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