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Oh hello…

I first met Laura online through a ‘women in business’ networking Facebook group where I had advertised my services for smaller businesses who might need start up images and Laura contacted me asking if we could chat.

We initially booked in a 30-minute phone call that went on to last for nearly 2 hours (!) as we had so much to talk about. Straight away we got on like a house on fire and just seemed to ‘get’ each other. We talked in depth about Laura’s business and what she wanted to achieve for her brand both visually and long term.

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Lets build a brand…

Each business that I work with is different; some are more established businesses and already have a clear brand identity or vision of how they would like their images and just require elements of their photography to be updated for example their team head shots. Laura on the other hand was still in the early stages of developing her brand. We therefore worked together establishing what qualities and personality she wanted ‘Laura Nesbitt, Career Coach’ to have and then in turn what we needed to work on for the imagery. Through my previous job as a Brand Manager for Marks and Spencer I have a wealth of experience developing brand imagery for new and existing entities and is a process I love getting my teeth into.

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Working together…

We started this process with myself pulling together imagery from sources such as Pinterest and Shutterstock and then compiling them into a number of mood boards to then email to Laura to get her feedback. These boards then went back and forth, alongside catch up calls, with things being added and removed until we were both happy with what we were left with and a clear collective vision of the brand.

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Image planning…

Another factor that I discussed in detail with Laura was what her images were going to be used for; did she need head shots? Did she want to show her business in action and did she need any holding images for her website and social media etc? From here I devised a shot count for the day along with timings and locations to ensure we achieved everything that we wanted to from the shoot.


The big day…

The day itself was not only a huge success but it was so much fun! We had a blast. As soon as Laura arrived at our house, that we were using as a base, you just knew it was going to be a good day. Understandably Laura was initially a little apprehensive about being in front of the camera as it was something that was completely new for her. To help with this at the beginning of the day I had built in a bit of time for a little warm up exercise with her, capturing headshots and helping her to relax in front of the camera. This also helped us establish a rapport for the day and get to know how each other worked best.

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A little acknowledgement…

In previous blogs I have spoken about the fantastic businesses that I work with in Raynes Park and on this particular occasion the super helpful staff at Lime and Thyme not only allowed us to use their gorgeous premises to capture some of the imagery (thanks again guys!) but were super helpful with reserving tables allowing me to capture natural light for the shots.

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The power of imagery…

I personally LOVE working with businesses like Laura’s. I know from my background in Brand and Marketing the importance of having fresh and up to date images of your business that are able to communicate your brand ethos and vision to your customers.

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And finally…

Above everything else I myself am a small business owner who has started from scratch. I understand the challenges of getting your brand up on its feet and then communicating out in to the big wide world just who you are and what on earth it is you do. I love my job and am passionate about helping other businesses and individuals either develop their brand or keep them current in today’s ever-changing Instagram society.

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If you think I can be of any help to your business please get in touch, lets grab a coffee or arrange a call. I’d love to hear from you.

CE x

“Within seconds of first speaking with Claire, I knew I had found the right photographer to capture the brand images I was picturing for my new website! Claire instantly understood the style I was looking to achieve and even pulled together a collection of photo shoot ideas and potential local locations that matched my thoughts perfectly…or anyone looking to launch a new business or even re-brand their existing business, I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Claire to you. Her patience, flexibility and commitment to understanding and achieving your vision make her the perfect person to work with!”

Laura Nesbitt, Career Coach.

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