Things to know before booking a family photoshoot with me…

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I’m human.

When booking a shoot with me the first and most important thing that I want you to know is that I am very down to earth. I like to take time, before and on the shoot, to get to know my clients and have fun! I also understand that circumstances can sometimes change; people get ill, work changes, life gets in the way and things catch you off guard sometimes. All this is fine. We can work together to rearrange the shoot if needed, no dramas.


They are So. Much. Fun!

Leave your worries at the door. Family photoshoots are meant to be relaxed, fun and stress free. If you do have any worries ahead of our session I’m more than happy to chat through any concerns so that when the day arrives you’re completely in the zone. You’ll probably even forget that you’re having a photoshoot so you can enjoy capturing those precious moments with your family.


Location, location, location…

The location of our shoot is completely down to you. If you’re new parents and leaving the house feels like preparing a small army I can easily come to you and capture some images with the newest member of your team in the comfort of your own home. If your family is a bit older and love the great outdoors then we can head to a park or woods to capture some of the magic. Like I said, it’s 100% your choice. We can chat through options ahead of the shoot and see what works best for you.


I’ll be a fly on the wall.

You can forget I’m even there. Play, laugh, cuddle, read, play in the bath, run around the park…do it all and I’ll be quietly working on the side lines capturing you in a natural way. Our session will be relaxed, informal, unrushed and usually involves lots of laughs. I may give small amounts of direction at times or point out if something doesn’t look right to me but I will absolutely not ask you to do any of those awkward family poses that belong in a book somewhere never to be seen again.


Don’t like cameras?

Feeling awkward? I am happy to chat on the phone. Meet up. Facetime or do anything that will make you feel comfortable ahead of our session. So by the time the lens cap comes off and the shutter starts rolling I’ll hopefully feel like more of a new friend than a stranger.


What do we wear?

In short-whatever you would like to. Maybe think about the colour and background of the environment that the images are going to be taken in and try to pick to a different colour. Also try and steer clear of bold or clashing patterns with another family member. Personally, I love newborns and babies in the simplicity of a classic white baby grow. But equally if your kids want to turn up dressed as Woody from Toy Story or Belle from Beauty and the Beast I’m totally game!



I spend hours upon on hours working on your images making sure they are perfect for you and are a representation of our day together. I will lightly edit and enhance your photographs but I will not airbrush, change colours and make your images look like someone else’s! After the shoot you will receive your files on a USB drive or I can digitally transfer them for you. It’s your choice. I don’t have any hidden fees and you will receive all of the edited images from our time together. One thing that you won’t receive, and I like to be honest and up front, are my RAW (unedited) files that I shoot in. One thing I would also ask is that if you are sharing any images on Instagram that they remain filter free. As lovely as they are ?.


Finally…I love my job!

This is important! This is my dream job, and because it’s my dream job I put every ounce of myself into every job that I do. I have been so fortunate to meet the most amazing families and be invited back into their lives again and again. This gives me so much pride. I work my tushy off to make sure the images you receive are just as you imaged and representative of the day we had together. I’ll usually send little sneak peaks after the shoot because I get too excited and have to share them with you!


Like what you read?

If you and your family are thinking about a photoshoot get in touch, say hello and let’s start planning your session today!

Thanks for reading. Cx


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