Emma & Jon at Nonsuch Mansion, London

 These are amazing Claire! We sat waiting for our transfer back to the airport with a cocktail in hand and loved every single photo! Thank you so much you’ve done such an amazing job and we can’t thank you enough!”

A country wedding in London

Nonsuch Mansion really does hit the jackpot when it comes to a London wedding venue that doesn’t feel like you’re in London. The idyllic mansion house is surrounded by beautiful gardens and woodlands which are a photographer’s dream.

It’s a scorcher

The summer of 2022 was an absolute scorcher, I photographed some of my hottest weddings to date. Emma and Jon’s wedding at Nonsuch Mansion was one of those! When I arrived at the mansion I was welcomed by the events team and we ran through the day to make sure all of our timings married up. I was then led up to the bridal room to where Emma and her bridesmaids were well underway with their preparations. I was immediately welcomed in to the smiles and laughter and could immediately tell that this was going to be a good day.

 A beautiful ceremony

Emma was led by her bridesmaids down the candle lined isle and there is a gorgeous run of photographs that capture the first moments that Emma and Jon first see each other. Their faces say it all and the moment of realisation of what it is they’re about to do. Emma looked absolutely stunning in her lace dress, carrying one of my favourite wedding bouquets from the season. What then followed was a beautiful ceremony full of joy and emotion.

Being in ‘that’ bubble

The one thing I really loved about the events staff at Nonsuch is that after the ceremony, Emma and Jon were immediately taken away with a glass of bubbles and given a space outside to themselves. I stood back and didn’t interrupt this special moment as it’s one that they wouldn’t get back again. Being in your ‘we’ve just got married!’ bubble is just the BEST!

Couples’ portraits

After the guests had congratulated the couple with a confetti tunnel and they had some time to enjoy a few glasses of fizz with everyone, we headed off for our first set of couple’s portraits. One thing I love to get couples to do is just walk. Movement in photographs is really important to me and I think makes people feel more relaxed. I could hear Emma and Jon catching up on the day and I stood back and captured them having a little walk through the stunning gardens.

Food, fizz and speeches.

What then followed was an afternoon of celebrations, brilliant company, a few more glasses of fizz and then all being invited to be seated for the wedding breakfast and speeches. All of the speeches were full of such genuine words and you could see hoe much it meant to Jon to be able to call Emma his wife at last. As the sun began to dip in the sky and there was a natural lull in the day, we headed off into a different area of the park for our final couples’ portraits. The colours of the burnt grass in golden hour were absolutely incredible and Emma and Jon were super relaxed and just so happy. What this created was pure magic and some stunning shots for them to treasure for years to come of their day.

I’ll see you on the dancefloor!

As the evening guests arrived, the dancefloor opened for their beautiful first dance. Then followed some epic dancing! The dancefloor space was crowed and I was getting fully involved with the guests. This is absolutely not a time for standing on the side lines and watching from a far. The dancefloor is when I will be at my closest with the guests and getting involved as much as possible! I love a dancefloor so much and I love to see people’s interactions after a day of more formal settings and after a few drinks people let loose!

Thank you so much for having me along on your day and putting your trust in me. Two of the nicest people that I could hope to work with. Working with couples like you makes my job such a joy.


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