couple kissing under confetti. captured by documentary wedding photographer

Becky & Nick at Kingswood Country Club

Claire is an absolute dream to work with! Words cannot describe how comfortable both myself and my partner felt around her! She is the most friendliest, amazing, professional individual we’ve ever met and would recommend all day every day! The quality of the photos she took are more than we could ever of dreamt of and she 100% made our wedding day even more special!
10/10! Thank you so so much!❤️

Childhood sweethearts

I first spoke to Becky and Nick a whole two years before they ask me to photograph their London wedding and we got on instantly. They wanted someone to document their wedding in an uninterrupted and natural way. Chat was easy and even over a zoom call they were just so much fun! They told me about their story together and how they had met at school in London and on the weekend of their wedding that would have been together for 10 years. What an incredible way to mark it and it made perfect sense for them to chose the city that had been their backdrop throughout their relationship to say ‘I do’ in.

All of the good vibes

I arrived at the house on the morning of their wedding and within minutes of being there, I knew it was going to be a brilliant day. Everyone, including Becky, was so relaxed and loving life making my usual candid style of photography an absolute breeze. There was no stress, no dramas; just a boat load of laughter. I personally find that bridal prep is such a good time for me to test the temperature of the room so to speak and judge how everyone is feeling. If there are any nerves or concerns it gives me time to chat through anything. But all I did was chat to everyone about the wedding day and hear stories from the hen do!

 A stunning Church ceremony in London

Becky and Nick had chosen St Lawrence Church , a beautiful little gem tucked away in the heart of Morden, London. I arrived to find Nick greeting guests looking so sharp in his suit. I was welcomed with the biggest hug before he made his way to the front of the church. As the groomsmen finished showing guests to their seats Becky and her Dad arrived. It was clear that the significance of the day really started to hit Becky as she arrived at the church. Weddings are bursting with all kinds of emotions. It’s these kinds of natural and unposed moments that I love to document and tell the story of a wedding day. As she walked down the aisle it was Nick’s turn to feel all of the emotions. It was clear how much this moment meant to them both.

A wedding reception in Kingswood

Ahead of every wedding day I always advise my couples to never scrimp on the confetti-and boy did Becky and Nick listen to me. They left the church in absolute whirlwind of confetti, popped some champagne and then headed off to their reception at Kingswood Golf Club. Guests were greeted with champagne and sunshine on arrival. The venue itself was looking absolutely stunning. The team at the venue had done a great job with the room and everyone was made to feel at home.

Speeches full of all of the emotions!

After capturing some group shots with the bride and groom, the guests were seated for the wedding speeches. They did not disappoint. Guests were privy to stories from the couple’s 10-year history and person memories from those giving the speeches. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house, including my own! They absolutely nailed it.

 The very best kind of people

Becky and Nick, along with their family and friends, really are the very best kind of people. From the moment I entered bridal prep I was made to feel part of the wedding day, I was looked after from start to finish.

Thank you so much for trusting me to document the collimation of your 10 year love story. It was such a beautiful day spent with beautiful people, inside and out. It was such a joy to be a part of.


Are you planning a wedding somewhere iconic in London and would love someone there with you to capture all of the key moments as well as the low-key moments? You can read about my approach or simply get in touch and let’s get a call in the diary so that you can tell me all about your day!

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