Emily & Ben at The London Rowing Club

“Oh my gosh – Claire these are absolutely incredible! Thank you so much for being there with us yesterday you were an absolute dream! We are so glad that we went with you for our day. It was the best day and we both loved every minute of it! You will be mentioned with high praise to everyone we show these pictures to! You were amazing.”

Effortless planning.

When I first chatted to Emily and Ben, I was pregnant and so was Emily. We joked that by the time they got married how old our babies we would be. What I’m trying to articulate is just how easy the chat was with Emily and Ben from the start. Instantly it was like to talking to friends, and that’s very much how our relationship continued in the run up to their wedding and on the day itself. It was effortless. Even when Seb was born and they were juggling a newborn and planning a wedding they kept me in the loop with everything in a relaxed way.

 Before the ceremony.

Emily and Ben decided that they wanted their cover to run later in the day so I didn’t meet Emily or the bridal party over bridal prep and arrived at the venue ahead of the ceremony. Instantly I was greeted by all of the groomsman and welcomed into their party. Chat was easy and laughter all around. I could see that Ben was started to get a little more nervous as the ceremony got closer but he was surrounded by an incredibly supportive team of guys. Emily’s family had flown in from Australia but you would have thought they also lived here as everyone was just gelling so well.

 ‘I do’, river side.

Emily and Ben had both their ceremony and reception at The London Rowing Club on Putney Embankment and it was the most perfect setting. It was a beautiful day weather wise. As Ben went in for his interview and Emily arrived you could feel the atmosphere get a little more serious as everyone got ready for the ceremony. Emily looked effortlessly stunning in her gown from Ghost and was calm and composed, even with a small person in tow. Family and the bridal party got Seb ready for his big appearance and then we were ready to say I do.

 A whole lot of love.

The ceremony was followed by drinks and canapes on the balcony as the congratulation’s hugs came thick and fast. Everyone was beaming and just so happy! It was such a relaxed atmosphere and everyone was absorbing the day. We took some time to do a few group shots next The Thames before taking a little walk to capture some couple’s portraits with the new Mr and Mrs. The backdrop was absolutely perfect and my couple just so in love. The photographs pretty much took themselves as they were in their ‘we’ve just got married’ bubble!

Speech time.

The speeches hit all of the right notes; thanks, banter, appreciation, love, respect and celebration. They had it all. Guests were in tears one moment before roaring with laughter the next. A Wolves Football top even made an appearance at one point. People had travelled from all over the world to be there with them and as I was privy to hearing about them as a couple and their story it was easy to understand why.

Cutting shapes.

I love the dancefloor. It’s the time of day when people have usually had a little bit to drink, the formalities are over and everyone gets to cut loose. And this crowd did not disappoint! They were on it, and everyone was loving it. I always get involved and have a dance when I’m working and by this time of the day I had built up a rapport with the guests who were inviting me to dance with them. You really can’t ask to finish a day any better. Or maybe when the bride and groom put you a glass of prosecco behind the bar and then pack you off with cake for you and your boys. Yes, that also happened.

Sometimes you finish a wedding and you’re almost a bit sad that you won’t have a reason to talk to the couple again. This was very much one of those weddings. Complete and utter legends.


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