Jenny and Sam at The Arts Pavilion, Mile End.

I have the power of social media to thank for this wedding. I first met Sam in Peru in 2009 whilst we were travelling. We both then returned to the UK, set up camp in London and then 10 years later I got a message off him on Facebook saying he’d seen my Instagram page and could I quote him for his wedding. Amazing!

As always, I wanted to meet ahead of the day to chat through the details so they suggested a pub, we all turned up and over a few glasses of vino we caught up, chatted through the details and just generally had a great evening. They were super chilled out and I already knew that I was going to love this day.

The vibe was a backyard style wedding in London to be held at the awesome Arts Pavilion in Mile End. Such an original choice and like no venue that I’d shot a wedding in before. Set on a lake with ceiling to floor windows the light was breath taking and the surroundings not something you’d expect to be found a short walk from a tube stop.

Jenny arrived smiling ear to ear, cool as anything, Instagraming her last moments as a Miss. She looked effortlessly beautiful, the very definition of under stated elegance. It’s no wonder that as she walked down the aisle arm in arm with her Dad that Sam struggled to hold it together. I struggled to hold it together photographing him! You could see what this moment meant to be him and the pride just shone out of him.

The ceremony was conducted by one of their friends which made it so incredibly personal, the perfect mixture of light hearted moments coupled with words that held so much weight. They wrote their own vows to each other and they completely flawed me. So. Much. Love. Everyone watched on glassy eyed at this awesome couple.

As they danced their way down the aisle hand in hand the rest of the day commenced; beautiful English sunshine, cocktails next to lake and the paella slowly cooking in the background ready for the wedding breakfast. What wasn’t to love.

One way to make a photographer at a wedding very happy is to feed them awesome food. And wow (!) was the food awesome! After a quick refuel Jenny, Sam and I headed out for a walk to capture come couples’ shots. Ahead of the day they stressed how they didn’t want to spend hours captured awkwardly posed photos. Like I said, they were my kind of couple. We had a 20 minute walk around the area and down the canal path and captured some candid shots of Mr and Mrs Howes enjoying the afternoon sunshine.

Then onto the speeches. I don’t really know where to start with the speeches. I wasn’t prepared in the slightest. The love, sentiment and thought that went into each speech was incredible. I was in bits! If I said that there were 6 separate speeches you might think that they went on forever, but the time flew. By the end of them I felt like I knew them so well as a couple and why it was that some people had flown from New Zealand (Jenny’s homeland) to be there with them. The good vibes in the room were overflowing and this really was a day to remember.

As I headed home I had the biggest smile on my face and felt so uplifted. It’s not everyone that can say that after a day at what they call work.

Thank you so much for having me Mr and Mrs Howes. You quite genuinely rock and I feel so privileged to have been there with you both on your wedding day. Wishing you so many adventures and love for your future together. Cx

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